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22nd October 2015: Retirement of Bruce Matthew
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22nd October 2015: Retirement of Bruce Matthew

We went to Hull so we could attend a retirement dinner at Mr Chu’s restaurant for the Senior Neurosurgeon Mr Bruce Matthew. Bruce had worked at Hull Royal Infirmary for 31 years. We were the only two to be invited outside of the hospital. We consider it an honour to be asked and even more so to sit with Bruce, Elizabeth and his family. The fund was presented with a huge bouquet of flowers as a thank you for all the hard work. We wish Bruce a happy and healthy Retirement.

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13th September 2015: Steve Windsor Runs the Hull Marathon

On Sunday 13th September Steve Windsor ran the Hull Marathon for The Emma-Jayne Memorial Fund raising a fantastic £695. We thank him very much for his time, effort and of course energy!



To watch the official Hull Marathon 2015 video click on the play button below.  Steve appears at approx. 2:20.

24th May 2015: Emma Jayne Way

Emma-Jayne has had a section of road named after her called 'Emma Jayne Way' on a new housing estate that is just being built just off Golf Road in Mablethorpe.

Emma Jayne Way

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