Wednesday, July 18, 2018
2014: Bikeathon 15, Fun Walk & Country Run

Bikeathon 15, Fun Walk & Country Run Raises £4,010 for the Charity!

On Sunday 20th July we held our annual Bikeathon. The weather was kind to us once again and it was a huge success. We had 125 on the Bikeathon, 17 on the Fun Walk and 25 on the 10k Country Run. Thank you to all that participated.

The 10k Country Run was a new addition this year and we were unsure how this would go, but we were surprised with the number of people taking part and from the feedback we have had people enjoyed the route. This is on the cards for next year. Special thanks goes to Steve Windsor and Steve Hunt for planning the route and organising everything for us. It is very much appreciated.

We would like to thank everyone for their fantastic efforts in making the event such a huge success.  This includes:

    All the helpers (inc Marshals, Drink Stop teams and the ladies on the desk) for their hard work and commitment
The Royal Oak Inn (The Splash) making sure that things ran smoothly and cooking the BBQ and serving beer
    A special thank you to Ian Hart for pegging out the 12 and 30 mile route on the Sunday morning.
        Ian has done this every year since we first started
    A special thank you to
Jon and Jim of Louth Cycle Centre for providing free cycle hire and high energy drinks
    Councillor Adam Grist for the use of his field as a car park
Your Move for providing chocolate bars and
Huttoft Service Station for providing bottled water

We would like to say a great big thank you to everyone that took part and hope they enjoyed the day.

You can Click Here to view video footage taken on the day.

The Bikeathon (16), Fun Walk and 10K Country Run next year will take place on the 19th July 2015!

                - Ruth and Tony Knowles.

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Photographs of the event.

Here are all the photographs taken of the event. If you would like to contribute then please do so by sending them to the email address on the 'Contact Us' page.

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