Wednesday, July 18, 2018
Charity Evening - 21st April 2012 - Sutton Social Club

What a great success, we exceeded all expectations of what we would raise and cannot thank people enough for coming and supporting The Emma-Jayne Memorial Fund.

We are always amazed by how generous people are.  We never take them for granted.  It was a full house and are sorry to the people that we had to turn away as we were full to capacity.  First time ever!

We would like to thank all the artists that supported us, Peter Lee, Doreen, Sherry May, Molly, Michelle and Paul Andrew they were fantastic and gave up their paid Saturday evening for the Fund. Thank you so much.

Thank you to Sutton Social Club and bar staff for all their hard work.  They were fantastic.

Thanks also to Mr Chittoor Rajaraman, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Hull Royal Infirmary for taking the time to be with us that evening.

Also thank you to all who donated auction and raffle prizes.

The total amount raised from the evening was a staggering £1,300.

Photos from the night
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Below are photographs taken of the evening.

  • The room before the event begins
  • Tony and Ruth, Mr Rajaraman & The Artists!
  • Doreen & Paul Andrew
  • Sherry May
  • Paul Andrew
  • Molly
  • Michelle
  • Raffle and Auction items
  • More Raffle and Auction items
  • Even more Raffle and Auction items
  • And more Raffle and Auction items
  • Peter Lee
  • Packed to Capacity!
  • Sherry May singing in the Audience!
  • Peter Lee auctioning a picture by Tony
  • Tony showing off a wonderful cake in the auction
  • Michelle
  • Raffle time with Ruth, Peter Lee & Mr Rajaraman
  • Raffle time with Ruth, Peter Lee & Mr Rajaraman

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