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2014: Golden Hearts Awards

On Wednesday 12th March we attended Hull Royal Infirmary where once again we were on the judging panel for the golden hearts awards.

This is our third year and this year was difficult as there were so many people that deserved to win, but there can only be one winner in each section. We had read pages and pages about different people. We all met and everybody had nearly got the same people in 1st 2nd and 3rd, so obviously we had done something right.

On Friday 2nd May we attended the Willerby Manor Hotel Nr Hull for the awards ceremony. What a fantastic night it was. They all deserve medals. They go over and above what is expected of them. They are amazing people.

The awards ceremony was hosted by Adrain Klos, Hospital Chaplain at Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals and the awards we given out by Mr Alan Johnson M.P. for Hull.

After the interval we were asked to go on stage in front of 300 people to give a little chat. Mr Chittoor Rajaraman and Mr Bruce Matthew Consultant Neurosurgeons were invited. We asked if they would join us on the stage because we wanted to thank them for their amazing work in Neurosurgery, which we did.

We also thanked everybody that was there that evening for the wonderful work they do. They all go above and beyond what is expected of them.

Photographs of the evening
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2014: Golden Hearts Awards

These are the photos taken at the Golden Hearts Awards that took place in 2014.

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  • GoldenHearts-2014-19.jpg
  • Mr C Rajaraman, Mr B Matthew and wife Elizabeth
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